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BASKETBALL: Slaughter makes NBADraft.net’s second PIT team

After following senior guard A.J. Slaughter through last weekend’s Portsmouth Invitational Tournament, NBADraft.net gave a final analysis of Slaughter’s performance — placing him in the top 10 players at the event.

Slaughter averaged 16 points per game in 25.3 minutes per game at the tournament, which invites 64 of the nation’s top college players.

Here’s what NBADraft.net had to say:

He is a scoring guard in a point guard’s body, but his ability to fill it up will definitely earn him serious looks at the next level.  A specialist as a jumpshooter, he can stretch the defense with his range from outside but he can also get into the middle of the defense and pullup for a rhythm jumper.  He is a very smooth player, his movements are very quick and effortless and he is able to create separation from his defender consistently, both off the dribble and off screens.  Showing great confidence, Slaughter was not shy about putting up shots and in the first game he found his stroke and made a number of shots in a very impressive shooting display.  However, as easily as he heats up, he also cools off, showing in the second game that he contributes very little if his shot is not falling.  His value is in his shooting prowess and it will earn him money at the next level, most likely overseas but the NBA isn’t out of the question.

Jonathan Lintner


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Slaughter named to Portsmouth All-Tournament team

Despite a couple of tough shooting days to end the event, A.J. Slaughter was named to the 2010 Portsmouth Invitational All-Tournament team today, according to the tournament’s Web site.

Slaughter was one of 12 players named to the team, with California’s Jerome Randle earning Most Valuable Player honors.

Slaughter averaged 16 points, 3.3 rebounds, and three assists in three games for Norfolk Sports Club (1-2). He shot 50 percent from the floor and 41.7 percent from 3-point range.

-Zach Greenwell

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BASKETBALL: Slaughter scores nine in Portsmouth third-place game

A.J. Slaughter never regained his touch from round one of the Portsmouth Invitational Tournament.

After putting up 28 points in Norfolk Sports Club’s opening-round win, he scored 11 in the second round and finished with nine points in his team’s 87-84 loss to Portsmouth Partnership. Slaughter shot 4-of-12 from the field, committing four assists to one turnover in 31 minutes played.

For a full box score from Saturday night’s consolation game, click here. In three games at the PIT, Slaughter averaged 16 points on 50 percent shooting in 25.3 minutes per game.

NBADraft.net covered the PIT live. Here are the site’s comments regarding Slaughter’s day-three performance:

Today Slaughter struggled to find his jump shot and he was not able to show that he can contribute in other areas when his shot isn’t falling. He is a rhythm guy who depends heavily on his outside ability to open up the rest of his game.

Jonathan Lintner

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BASKETBALL: Slaughter scores 11, team falls at Portsmouth

A.J. Slaughter scored 11 points in Norfolk Sports Club’s 77-67 loss to K&D Rounds & Landscaping in the second round of the Portsmouth Invitational Tournament Friday night.

Slaughter shot 5-of-14 from the field in 24 minutes played two nights after scoring 28 points in the PIT.

Jonathan Lintner

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BASKETBALL: Draft expert weighs in on Slaughter’s Portsmouth performance

Jon Pastuszek of NBADraft.net published a full report from the Portsmouth Invitational Tournament’s opening round Wednesday. Pastuszek, who devoted significant type to Ryan Thompson (Rider) and Aubrey Coleman (Houston), also gave senior guard A.J. Slaughter a major pat on the back after Slaughter scored 28 points in Norfolk Sports Club’s 114-82 win over Tidewater Sealants.

Putting in what is likely the most impressive performance of the day, Slaughter was able to get anywhere that he wanted on the court, and get a good look every time he pulled the trigger. Playing more off the ball, he was able to spread the court with his outside shooting or attack for finishes in the paint. His jumper is extremely smooth and he is able to shoot with good rhythm and balance with a hand in his face and from beyond the arc. He has nice quickness and is a crafty operator off the dribble, allowing him to get into the middle of the defense where he showed a nice teardrop overtop of the helpside. Flashing his underrated athleticism, he was able to explode to the basket on one occasion and finish strong with a flush in semi traffic. Slaughter came in under the radar, but his performance today definitely put him on the map. Showing the he can have a repeat performance against a more formidable opponents will go a long way for his future.

-Jon Pastuszek, NBADraft.net

Despite gracious comments from Pastuszek, Slaughter told the Herald Wednesday night that his newly acquired agent, Stu Lash, said the 6-3, 180-pound guard needs to work on pick and rolls and adjust to the NBA’s offensive sets. Slaughter said he remains especially confident in his ability to score and play defense.

Slaughter’s team next meets K&D Rounds Landscaping at 7 p.m. Friday night.

Jonathan Lintner

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BASKETBALL: Q&A with A.J. Slaughter after 28-point game in Portsmouth

The Herald caught up with senior guard A.J. Slaughter over the phone after his 28-point performance in the first round of the Portsmouth Invitational Tournament. Slaughter’s team next plays at 7 p.m. Friday.

Jonathan Lintner: How did it feel out there tonight, scoring 28 points in your first draft camp game?

A.J. Slaughter: I just came in with no pressure. I’ve been playing basketball my whole life, and I just thought I’d be aggressive in attacking and play good defense. I got off to a good start and just kept going.

JL: How did the game feel — more like an all-star game or a college game?

A.J.: It felt like a real game. For about the first 10 minutes, it was going back and forth. We even got down six or eight points, and we just had to make a run. I think our team is really gelling more than any other team out here, so that probably has a lot to do with the win.

JL: Do you feel any different out there now than during a Western game, maybe just more playing basketball than running set plays?

A.J.: We put in one or two plays, but most of it is just getting out and running — running pick and rolls a lot like the NBA.

JL: What’s the environment like there?

A.J.: The atmosphere is crazy. You’ve got fans — just a lot of people that love basketball here — it’s been a big part of Portsmouth since they’ve started it, and you can tell by all the people that come out and watch it. The scouts — there were probably three or four rows of scouts — with agents all over the gym, so it’s a crazy atmosphere.

JL: When you have a performance like you did, how much do you think about your draft stock?

A.J.: I’m always a winner first, and I do whatever it takes to help my team win and score points. If I can get other guys involved, I’m going to do that. But nobody here is going to be a go-to guy in the NBA next year, so they’re not looking for guys that can score. They want to see guys that play good defense and help their team win.

JL: What are you expecting out of Friday’s game?

A.J.: The competition is only going to go up. We watched half of the team we play the winner of, and they’ve got some good guards. I’ve got to be ready to play some defense and run the floor. It just goes back to winning and playing basketball. Everyone’s going to have their night here and there when they’re hot, and you just can’t get too high on that or low off that. I just have to stay even keel, and if the shots are falling again, they’re falling.

Slaughter added that he didn’t start Wednesday night’s game but said that wasn’t a concern for him. He’s rooming with Tweety Carter of Baylor —  a Norfolk Sports Club teammate — while at this week’s tournament.

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BASKETBALL: Slaughter scores 28 in Portsmouth’s opening round

A.J. Slaughter scored 28 points — second only to teammate Ryan Thompson’s 37 points — in aiding Norfolk Sports Club past the Tidewater Sealants, 114-82, in the first round of the Portsmouth Invitational Tournament on Wednesday night.

Slaughter was 10-of-12 from the field and added a team-high five assists for Norfolk.

For a box score from Wednesday night’s game, click here.

Slaughter’s second-round game is at 7 p.m. Friday against K&D Rounds Landscaping.

## Player p fgm-fga fgm-fga ftm-fta off-def tot pf tp a to blk stl min
10-12 4-5 4-4 0-4 4 0 28 5 3 1 2 21

Jonathan Lintner

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