BASEBALL: WKU’s Payton talks on ESPN’s First Take

Senior second baseman Matt Payton appeared on ESPN’s “First Take” Thursday morning to take about the Toppers’ now-famous Rain Delay Theater video. ESPN’s Jesse Palmer asked the questions and Florida Atlantic senior pitcher Lou Morey — the shakeweight guy — joined in.

Palmer: How did this all get started?

Payton: It started before the rollercoaster. Jared Andreoli, Casey Dykes, Kes Carter and Logan Robbins actually did a bobseld routine, which is kind of similar to the rollercoaster that you saw on the video. We liked it so much in the dugout that we said, ‘Hey, let’s take it out on the field and see what happens.’ We did it, they started answering, and that’s how it all went down.

Palmer: How did youcome up with the routines?

Payton: To be honest, it was kind of a team effort. Somebody would come up with an idea, and somebody would throw something in there to make it better. All these ideas kind of snowballed into the skits you saw.

Palmer: Did you practice this stuff to be able to put it on the video for the world to see?

Payton: Oh, never. We’ve just got a spontaneous team, I guess, because we just went out behind the dugout and said ‘Hey, let’s do this.’ And everyone did their part.

Palmer: You were the referee in the wrestling match. How did that come about?

Payton: Well, to be honest, we actually love wrestling and we do a lot of wrestling during warmups because we’ve seen it so much and we know all the moves. That was actually a small little bit. We’ve got a lot left in our arsenal if a chance comes up again.

Palmer: Which side (FAU or WKU) offered the better body of work?

Payton: You know, I think they had the best single skit with the shaker weight because that was hilarious. I died laughing — so did the whole team. But I think the overall body of work — I think we have to take the cake.

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