FOOTBALL: Tuesday practice wrapup and Willie Taggart’s favorite TV show

Tuesday morning’s practice brought about another day, and with it another change in the constant offense-defense battle.

Head Coach Willie Taggart said he was seeking consistency from both units leaving the Toppers’ first official scrimmage. He only got that from one side on Tuesday.

“Got it from the defense, but not the offense,” Taggart said. “The defense came out and basically dominated practice today. Those guys came out with a purpose, they stepped up and it was challenging. We came out and took advantage of it.

“Offensively, we stepped back. Some of those things we did the first week, we started doing again.”

Among the things Taggart saw from the offense he didn’t like included excessive false starts, which he labeled as selfish. On defense, however, Taggart said he’s seeing great communication — a sure sign that the defense is beginning to understand the new 4-3 system.

In the end, though, Taggart said he only sees one unit win each practice.

“It depends on how you look at it. What we try to do is keep it competitive,” he said. “We want to win. There’s no such thing as tying. So no, it’s not possible.

“That’s what we want to get out of this team is that every day we come out here, we want to win. We don’t want to lose. We’re tired of losing and want to get that attitude to where losing is not an option.”

And losing is not an option for Taggart’s favorite TV character, Jack Bauer, of Fox’s 24 — who Taggart Tweeted that he’d like to see his players model themselves after.

“Jack Bauer will save the world, baby. He makes everything right,” Taggart said. “He’ll lay it all on the line. Jack’s a team player. He’ll go out there at all costs. He’s going to do whatever it takes to save the world.

“Jack’s not even supposed to be helping those guys out, but the president asks for help, Jack says, ‘Yeah, I’ll come back and help — help save the world.’ We need a couple Jack Bauers to come help the Hilltoppers right now. I’m looking for some Jack Bauers on that team. Jack’s the man.”

Taggart said he’s aware that 24 has been canceled, but he wouldn’t mind putting Bauer on payroll to help the Toppers because “Jack’s a bad boy.”

Jonathan Lintner


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