MTSU women’s coach: ‘I’d like to see three Sun Belt teams in NCAA tourney’

Just a couple more quick things to pass along before we close the book on the 2010 women’s Sun Belt Conference Tournament.

Middle Tennessee women’s coach Rick Insell had some interesting things to say about the state of the Sun Belt after his Lady Raiders beat Arkansas-Little Rock for the conference title Tuesday.

Insell said that both MTSU and UALR belonged in the NCAA Tournament, but he also said that it’s important for other programs in the Sun Belt to not think that two teams is the limit.

“We just need to get the rest of the league doing that,” Insell said. “That’s going to get our RPI up. Instead of being somewhere around 13 or 14, we can move that up to about seven or eight. That’s going to help the league, and that’s going to help us get more than two teams into the NCAA Tournament.

“I’m a little selfish – I’d like to see us get three teams in.”

But Insell didn’t put all of the blame on Sun Belt teams. He also said that teams in the conference struggle to find big-time opponents who are willing to play them.

“They won’t allow us to go into the NCAA Tournament, but (nobody) will play us, and I’m talking about Little Rock, Western, Middle Tennessee, and you can come right on down the line,” Insell said. “We’re not an easy out for anybody, and most of those teams in those power conferences – what they’re trying to do is, they’re trying to line some wins up before they get in conference.

“Really and truly, we’ve got to come up with some type of solution where we can get a fair shake, and when I’m saying a fair shake, I’m talking about the Sun Belt Conference. We’ve got great coaches, we’ve got great teams, great players, and we can’t raise that RPI if we can’t get some of these teams from around the country to start playing us.”

According to, the Sun Belt currently ranks 16th in women’s conference RPI.

-Zach Greenwell


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