Non-recruiting news from National Signing Day

It’s been a long day. A really long day.

So for those who didn’t tune into the Herald’s nine-plus-hour live blog, here are some non-recruiting tidbits of interest.

  • Coach Willie Taggart hopes to have a defensive coordinator before the weekend’s out. Taggart said at the Topper Club earlier tonight that he interviewed a candidate on Tuesday and will have interviews on Thursday and Friday before making a decision.
  • Redshirt freshman quarterback Courtney Dalcourt will be part of the starting quarterback battle this spring, Taggart said, after rumors that Dalcourt may transfer, switch to defense or fall off the face of the Earth. Dalcourt said he wasn’t given a fair shake last spring, according to Taggart.
  • Taggart introduced a concept he calls “The Chase” at his press conference this afternoon. The Chase being that the coaches and players will “chase greatness and catch excellence” as Taggart has said so many times. From what I can tell, this is just another name for early morning workouts.
  • It was suggested by Taggart at his first press conference, but defensive ends coach Raymond Woodie confirmed that Western will favor a 4-3 defense over the 3-4, which the Toppers used under former coach David Elson.
  • And for what it’s worth, Taggart doesn’t want any “bus riders” or “steak eaters.” He said it — not me.

Jonathan Lintner


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