More quotes from Western’s win over Vanderbilt

For last night’s full game story from Western’s 76-69 win over Vanderbilt, click here. Here are some extras.

Head Coach Ken McDonald on the Sommet Center’s atmosphere:

“I just thought it was a great night for basketball — a great doubleheader. The environment was terrific. You see the fanbases here representing each university well. I thought our fans were outstanding, and I thought we had a home environment with that.”

Senior guard Sergio Kerusch on the Toppers’ will to win:

“I believe we just laid our hearts on the line. We just said we’re going to go out there and give everything we’ve got. We decided in the huddle that the team that plays the hardest and gives everything they’ve got is going to win this game. Tonight that was us.”

Kerusch on what the win means, being that it’s Western’s first signature victory of the season:

“This is good for tonight, but after this, the win’s behind us. It’s time to get on to our next opponent.”

Senior guard A.J. Slaughter on why he plays so well at the Sommet Center:

“I think it’s the lime green and the blue out there on the court. I just was focused and came ready to play. It was a big game and my team really wanted this win, so I was going to do anything in my power to do that.”

McDonald on senior guard Anthony Sally’s breakout performance:

“He had a couple of huge rebounds and took care of the ball tonight. He had some assists, he made plays when he needed to, he deferred to his teammates and he defended hard…He’s coming of age. I don’t think he’s happy with how he started maybe the season, but he’s embracing the role coming off the bench and taking advantage of it.”

McDonald on junior forward Steffphon Pettigrew’s foul trouble:

“For a physical game, it was tough to for him to be out of the game that quickly, and it’s tough to get back in a rhythm once you get back in after sitting on the sidelines for so long. We were trying a bunch of different lineups and we lost our composure a little bit at the four and five spot but we were able to maintain a lead and keep some confidence in our defensive intensity.”

McDonald on the officiating:

“The only thing I was worried out was maybe we were playing European rules at one point. There were a couple of travels with guys leaving from half court. But it was a good crew. It was a veteran crew. In a situation like that, we’re not going to get calls, and we don’t expect to be given anything. It makes it when you don’t feel like you get a good whistle, it makes it all that sweeter that you fought through that part of the adversity.”

Jonathan Lintner


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