More on Western’s search

I just spoke with Western Athletics Director Wood Selig again this afternoon and while there will be full report in Friday’s Herald, there were a couple interesting things Selig talked about.

He said he felt like not having a real timeline has really helped the search. He said being able to let the phones ring, the faxes churn and the e-mails fly has been pretty advantageous.

The committee will meet today to discuss the search. Selig said the committee will address what Western needs to put together to sell the program to some candidates. He said there are candidates that will try to sell themselves, but there will also be candidates that need to be sold on Western.

Selig said they will look over what information former Cleveland Browns coach and alum Romeo Crennel has gotten for them. Selig said Crennel has ben talking to a lot of people in the industry about the position.

The biggest question I know I’ve gotten from people is, when? When is this going to be announced? Selig also addressed the Thanksgiving holiday next week and the challenges it could present for the search. He also said that it may present some opportunities where there may be folks that Western would like to speak to that are available around Thanksgiving because they have no games or are playing on an unusual date.

Like I said, there will be more on the search in Friday’s Herald and as we hear anything.

Andrew Robinson


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