Halftime thoughts

This game shouldn’t be this close, but then again, it feels like it should. Sloppy is an understatement for this one. Both teams are making bonehead mistakes via penalities and killing their field position. Defenses are ruling the ball and staking claim to the turf, it’s just not working for the Toppers (unless you count the called-back TD run by Brandon Smith). A few facts to back it up:

  • WKU has 10 penalties for 99 yards, while USF added 5 for 40 yards. A ton of these were either procedure penalties before the snap or personal fouls. It hearkens back to the 2007 season when the word “chippy” was an understatement for WKU.
  • WKU has already surpassed their offensive yards total from UT in the first half alone, gaining 130 total, 103 0f them rushing. Smith’s 42 total rushing yards leads them.
  • The longest pass play for WKU was a nine-yard completion to Quinterrance Cooper. Big plays HAVE to happen if WKU wants to get back in the game.
  • George Selvie has not been a factor for USF. He hasn’t registered a tackle and hasn’t even gotten to Smith. That’s a good start that has to continue.
  • Matt Grothe has stayed true to his niche and run…a lot. His seven rushes for 43 yards leads all players in the category.

Stay tuned for more in between quarters.


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