More on the transfers

So three players are leaving the WKU basketball program. From an on-the-court standpoint, there’s not much lost here. Magley did provide some much-needed size and had a great postseason compared to the regular season, and Cvoro made 10 starts to help aid the bench, with Sergio Kerusch coming off of it. Komadinic was bothered by foot injuries for most of the season and, outside of a 15-point outing in the season opener, hadn’t contributed much. Overall, though, these spots opening up will be filled well by the incoming signees, so in the end, this episode might do more good than harm. A few more thoughts on the transfers and what they mean:

  • The loss opens up two scholarships to give for next season. The NCAA allows 13 scholarship athletes to a roster. Redshirt senior transfer Nemanja Milosevic will be a walk-on, so with five players coming back on scholarship and five apparent incoming freshman — with academic redshirt Jameson Tipping probably gaining a scholarship next season — that will leave two openings for players. Look  for McDonald’s final two recruits to be big — that is, unless he decides to give Milosevic the scholarship.
  • One part of this whole deal that makes me wonder is the Komadinic part. McDonald said that regardless of next season, he would not have been on scholarship anyway. Was he a quick fix? Who knows? But I must say that if McDonald does this well with the players he got this season, no telling how well McDonald can do with the players he has coming in next season.

A few more quotes from the cutting room floor:

  • McDonald on Cvoro: “As the season went on, I think all freshman hit a wall, and he never got through the wall. And a lot of freshman take the time to get over the hump and continue to get better, and he struggled with that. He’s going to have to eventually deal with that and understand that if he does want to get better, where his ceiling is, he’s going to have to go up and step up physically and mentally. The long practices, the physical part of the game gave him trouble, and competing, to be honest. You want your kids to have a lot of pride, and he has to get better in those areas to reach his potential. But he does have a high ceiling. He’s talented.”
  • McDonald on Magley: “Focus is a big thing for him. He has the ability. He dropped weight at the beginning of the year. He lost 30 pounds, so I give him a lot of credit for working hard. Now, that doesn’t guarantee you’re going to have a lot of success. You gotta do it on the court and continue to improve. So no matter what system he goes in to, he might go in to a situation where he is the big fish in the small pond, and obviously a lot of time and effort can be put in to making sure he touches the ball all the time. And there’s no question that players develop that way…But as we talked about his role coming back, nothing changed. We gave every opportunity to every player at the beginning of the year to give us some confidence to run plays for him, to be an inside-outside team…I hope the right situation gets to be honest, so that he can have a great two years.”
  • McDonald on their need for size next season after the loss of Magley: “We’ve got some coming in. The void that will filled the most is at the center position with (redshirt senior Nemanja Milosevic) sitting out and being ready. Obviously, a guy that’s played Division-I and has a chance to really help us. He’s really been through now a year of practice, and we fully expect him to be a big part of what we’re doing. I’m really excited we have him right now. And anything that comes in, the guy that comes in after this, is a guy that we can bring along and develop.”

As far as where these guys end up: After talking with Magley, he says he has prospective teams but didn’t care to comment on who. McDonald said he thought Komadinic could end up in Division-II due to his need for a scholarship and because he is not that well-known. As for Cvoro, McDonald believes he can play at a high level when he learns to compete, but he would not be surprised to see him and Komadinic on the same team in Division-II because of their close friendship.

-David Harten


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