Opening thoughts on Western spring football

Four quarterbacks took the field today with each of them getting about the same amount of snaps. They all took part in the numerous quarterback drills, as well as the offensive vs. defense drills in the end. They all performed well, each of them making some bad passes countered with some good ones. Coach Elson said he noticed the play of senior Brandon Smith and redshirt freshman Kawaun Jakes over the rest. Smith appeared to perform better in goal-line situations, especially in fade route passes.

The offense began its transition of lining the quarterback underneath the center today. In the past, Western’s QB was lined up in the shotgun, which made it difficult for the team to execute in goal-line situations.

The overall intensity and emotion for the team appears to be high. In offensive vs. defensive drills, they are always very competitive and spirited. Players cheered for their side and applauded for big plays. When the offense won an early drill, there was a short celebration with their side. There seems to be a good vibe going with the team, and it will be interesting to see how it is towards the end of spring practice.

More on spring practice in Tuesday’s Herald.

Mike Stunson


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