Rejoice! Rejoice! Spring football is here!

There are some places where spring football is one of the most anticipated times of the year. Western probably isn’t one of those places. In fact, it even kind of snuck up on us. In the midst of the NCAA Tournament, it really just hit me within the last 24 hours that soon we’ll be in the middle of non-contact green jerseys, coaches behind the quarterbacks in the middle of scrimmages, referees in shorts, and goofy timing on games.

Had Western beat Gonzaga in the NCAA Tournament, I think people would really be struggling to get motivated for spring football, as if they’re not struggling already.

It’s tough, when you’re coming off a 2-10 season and everyone is excited about basketball, to get a fan base excited about spring football, but it will be something coach David Elson will have to work on. Scrimmages start Saturday. Pro Day is Wednesday and their Night of Champions, which is a weight-lifting exhibition of sorts, is Thursday night.

It’s an important spring session for Western as they become full-fledged members of the Sun Belt Conference. It will be interesting to see if the fan base takes notice as well.


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