Halftime thoughts

At halftime, WKU has yet another lead on a big-time opponent. Now, a few thoughts and stats.

  • Orlando Mendez-Valdez deserves full credit for the position WKU sits in. His 17 first-half points got it all started, especially his going 4-5 from three. He had no points in the final 10 minutes, but that may turn out to be good, since no one person can carry a team in this tournament. Even Stephen Curry had Jason Roberts and Co. last season.
  • WKU shot 50 percent (6-for-12) from three. Gonzaga, after starting hot, went cold late, going 4-for-10 (40 percent). This has to stay intact if WKU wants the win.
  • Another big factor was half-court defense. WKU did a good job of collapsing on defense in the half court, and it will be important to keep it that way.

Second half is about to start, so check back for more after the game.


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