Here and ready…

We’re all set here for the finals of the Sun Belt Conference tournament, where WKU will take on South Alabama, a sixth-seed who has made it all the way from the first round, at 9 p.m. CST.

  • This is by far the rowdiest crowd we’ve seen. The size is about 1,000 now, but it sounds like 4-5,000. That’s what a conference championship and automatic bid to the NCAA tournament will bring out.
  • Orlando Mendez-Valdez’s family and friends just entered about 20-fold to a standing ovation after unveiling signs and chanting “OMV”. OMV is undoubtedly a crowd favorite, and having a majority of his family here helps out.
  • Even though they are not the closest team geographically, WKU has by far had the largest and loudest fans at the tournament, which is no surprise since in a mid-major conference, Western is by far the program with the deepest-rooted tradition.

I’ll be back with some last-minute thoughts. Tip in a few minutes.


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