Bonus content from the Sergio Kerusch article

The space I got for today’s Sergio Kerusch’s article wasn’t nearly enough room to talk about this young man. Sergio is by far one of the most energetic players I’ve ever been around. He seems to automatically adjust any situation to a positive one. During the photo shoot for the article, I don’t think any of us kept a straight face. Here are a few extra tidbits:

-In the article I mentioned Sergio was protected by his community. He told me that had in large part to do with his family being so close, and always knowing where he was.

“I was just watched over by everybody,” Kerusch said. “My auntie (lived) at the end of the street. My sister was two doors down. My mom was at the other end of the street. So it was like everybody was around each other. So they would be like (note: he’s imitating a walkie talkie here) Sergio just left the house, copy, copy, mayday mayday, he’s going left. It was like they had a tracker on me everywhere I’d go.”

-An interesting fact that Sergio’s mother, Belinda Kerusch, shared with me–and something that her husband told her not to share in worry that it would embarrass Sergio–Sergio’s athletic career began at the very, very young age of 15 months. He won the baby triathlon in Memphis put on by the March of Dimes. Though she couldn’t quite remember the events, she said from then on athletics were something he was always drawn to.

-It seems that everybody has a story about Sergio. Head coach Ken McDonald said that the team should start a quote book for Sergio because he has so many great one-liners. One of his greatest qualities is that he is able to laugh at himself when he messes up.

But his favorite story centers around a ceiling fan.

“I remember one time in the dorm,” McDonald said. “Someone asked him to start the ceiling fan. And he got up and tried to push start the ceiling fan, pushing the blades.”

From talking to Sergio, I’m guessing this was done jokingly, but it’s something everyone can laugh at and something Sergio can laugh at himself at.

-David Harten


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