THE MORNING AFTER: National Signing Day and Five Questions

It hasn’t even been 24 hours since Western signed 26 recruits to play football, and the dust has settled.

First off, I would encourage you to check out our coverage at, which includes stories on Franklin-Simpson quarterback Courtney Dalcourt, the popularity of signing day, an overall look at the class, and a column by David Harten.

I had the opportunity to stop by the Topper Club last night as Western hosted their first Signing Day celebration.

With just about a month before spring practice starts, an event like the celebration could be the link between the regular season and spring practices that Western needs to keep momentum and excitement building around the program in the offseason.

Like David talks about in his column, we won’t see the fruits of these players’ labor for quite some time. Nonetheless, it forces you to start thinking about spring camp and the storylines that could arise from those practices.

Five questions about the class of 2009:

1) How quickly do we see quarterback Courtney Dalcourt’s impact? It’s already a crowded quarterback race, and Dalcourt just makes it more interesting.

2) With four offensive lineman that average 271 pounds, how do they develop, and how can they improve an offensive line that gave up 25 sacks for 204 yards last season?

3) How do kickers Casey Tinius and Zac Minturn improve in spring camp before the 16th-best place kicker in the country according to, Monte Merrick, arrives on campus and potentially threatens their jobs?

4) According to, Western’s 2009 class is the best in the Sun Belt Conference. How long before Western finishes at the top of the Sun Belt Conference standings and earns a bowl bid?

5) Ten years down the road, when people look back, will there be a player from this class that they talk about?


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One response to “THE MORNING AFTER: National Signing Day and Five Questions

  1. Monte is really a team player and I don’t think he will make them feel threatened. He is a hard worker and never missed a practice when he was healthy. He told me that he wanted to make sure that the team felt that he worked just as hard as the linebackers even though most of the game he is on the sidelines. I think that it showed in the Ky State 4A title game when the team let him hoist the trophy for the team after the game.

    Now I may be biased because Monte is my (much) younger brother, but when I moved out 10 years ago he was still a soccer player and never even thought about a football career. I watch this from a distance and being in Nashville am excited that he gets to play an hour away and potentially give a smack down to the Vols. I know I may be a long-time Vols fan but I will be wearing Red at Neyland next year!!!

    I think they will take the Sunbelt by storm and I expect that the momentum of the season puts them in the title game this year!

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