Notes from Elson’s signing day press conference

Just got in from head coach David Elson’s press conference here on National Signing Day. You can see below that Elson and the Toppers pulled in an impressive class of athletes to the Hill. It’s yet to be seen how it will all turn out (read my column in tomorrow’s Herald for more on that), but as of now, Elson has year one of being a full-fledged Football Bowl Subdivision program off to a great start.

Here are a few blurbs from the press conference:

Elson on the class: “We hit every need that we had (position-wise). There really is not a position not represented in this entire class. So I think it’s a sign of things to come, and I think it’s going to continue to get better as we get out of this transition and move into being bowl-eligible and conference championship-eligible.”

Elson on getting kids from Kentucky, after getting none last season: “There was absolutely no more emphasis or less emphasis put on the state of Kentucky this year than from day one when I got hired. We’ve always said that if there is a kid in this state that we have evaluated and we feel that he can help us and fit in, then we’re going recruit him and we’re going to offer him.”

Elson on the range of the class, country-wide, with players coming from eight states: “We evaluated like we do every year and said ‘okay, how can we improve?’ We said, we need to stay in the south, because that is where the Sun Belt (Conference) is based. We said, let’s see where we can branch off to. We’ve been strong in Tennessee, Georgia and Florida. Coach (Eric) Mathies had recruited the Dallas-area before…so he had some connections. So we said, let’s get into Texas with his connections, because North Texas is in our league and it’s not a place we have actively recruited, and then we continued to Alabama, and we found a couple guys down there.”

– David Harten


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