Horn vs Felton

Horn returns to Lexington, and Felton leaves Athens without a job. Both took Western to at least one NCAA Tournament appearance, but only one would be welcomed back in Bowling Green with open arms.


All this activity with Felton being fired and Horn returning has gotten quite a bit of action on the Western message boards. Most are saying they could care less whether or not Horn is back in Kentucky this weekend and were glad to see him go.

On the flip side, folks are feeling for Felton. How can you not? No one wants to lose their job right now. However, Felton should rebound from the firing well next season.

Whether people admit or not, Western fans will be watching tomorrow when South Carolina plays Kentucky in Rupp. And they can either cheer for a coach who left Western’s program in great shape, graduated 100 percent and took the team to the Sweet 16, or for Kentucky, who has always looked at Western as the school that played second fiddle in the state.

Felton and Horn had a non-existent public relationship. And to add onto that, Western fans and Horn never had the greatest relationship. They looked at him as ignorant and cocky, not to mention unapproachable in public.

In December, when Felton returned to play Western, he got a warm reception, something Horn should receive if he were to return to Bowling Green. Knowing Western fans, he probably won’t, because they don’t seem to be getting over a grudge they had against him that I never understood.

As a working member of the media, Horn was nothing but cordial to us on every occasion we spoke with him, but Western fans didn’t mind seeing him go, and could care less that he is back this weekend.

– Andrew Robinson


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